Financial Emotional Intelligence

Targeting Emotional Wellbeing And Financial Empowerment



Bonjour! This is Anne from Femme Sauvage. In this short video series, I unpack what it means to have financial emotional intelligence.

And in today’s video, we explore how to manage our relationships when it comes to money. Because the goal is to nurture emotional wellbeing and achieve financial empowerment.

But before we start, I’d like to share with you a statistic that came from a survey of 2,000 adults in relationships.

That statistic is, people are 10x more likely to leave a relationship if they think their partner is bad with finances.

Why would anyone put themselves in that situation? I believe the answer is, because they think it’s their partner who has a problem with money, not them.

Targeting emotional wellbeing and financial empowerment:


Think of the last quarrel you’ve had about money.

Which money belief did you fight for?

I am asking because … That money belief, is it yours? 

What I mean by that is … Have you closely examined that belief and carefully chosen it because it upholds the magnificent image of wealth you want for yourself and your partner?

If not, it begs the question again: Why would anyone put themselves in that situation? 


So, here’s a financial EQ strategy to help you better manage your relationships when it comes to money:


Take a blank piece of paper and draw a line in the middle.

On the right side, write all your money beliefs.

When that’s done, on the left side, describe the image of wealth you want to uphold for you and your partner.

And with that self-awareness, ask for help to develop your financial EQ.

Because a fish can’t describe water. No one can see their own blind spots. Blind spots are called blind for a reason. So, ask for help!

On that note …

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