Are you like me?

Growing up, I saw my parents constantly fighting about money. Feeling scared, I promised myself I would not be like them; I would make money and enjoy it.

I educated myself in the area of money and finance. I became a
 Finance Economist and a Chartered Financial Analyst … “Yeah me!”

But no matter how much I thought I knew about money,

I was secretly still feeling scared of it.


I let money control me.
Can you relate?
At the grand old age of 25 (I know, right?) I fell in love and got married. With both of us working jobs that paid handsomely, my life partner and I became the financial envy of many. I thought my negative feelings about money were gone. But the more money we made, the more scared I became. Like my parents, we fought about money… a lot ! After fourteen years and feeling drained, I walked away from my marriage. Determined to keep up with the Joneses, I went $750K into debt while trying to build two start-ups. Both failed.


The cycle repeated. Fear around money
made me feel ashamed and resentful.

Have you met anyone like that?

I hid my money struggles from family and friends. Not wanting to face where I was at, I blamed the ex, my parents, and many others.

Thank goodness I finally hit my emotional breaking point and turned my life around.

Here is how


I started to feel  the feelings and emotions I had suppressed and realized we can also feel appreciation, gratitude, and joy around money.


I started examining my money beliefs. It was mind blowing! Financial emotional intelligence is about understanding how we feel about money and why we feel that way.


I discovered exactly how to leverage positive feelings about money. Financial emotional intelligence is also about shifting your beliefs to welcome more money and enjoy it.
This is the heart
of money matters!
As a result…
I am now the Financial Emotional Intelligence Coach assisting world-class individuals and organizations thrive emotionally and financially.

“Anne’s brilliance of bringing emotional intelligence to finance has been instrumental in moving me from feeling shameful and stressed about my personal finances, to confidently taking charge of them. Thank you, Anne!”

– Jennifer Knapp

“Because of Anne’s work, I now have a clearer understanding of where my beliefs around money have come from. I am now choosing to do things differently to boost my wealth and my self-worth.”

– Tina-Marie Springham

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