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Bye Anxiety! How to Feel Positively About Money



Bonjour! This is Anne from Femme Sauvage, the heart of money matters.

And I’m here today with another video to assist in better managing your feelings and emotions when it comes to money.

Why feeling anxiety repels money.


When our dominant feeling about money is anxiety, we’ll tend to feel more anxious the more money we encounter. As a result, we’ll find ways to repel money because of the anxiety we feel with it.

To make it clearer for you … 

Let’s say we have a relative we only see once a year because we feel anxious when we’re with them.

If we were to see that relative multiple times a day every day, we would most likely feel more anxious the more we encounter them. As a result, we’d find ways to repel them because of the anxiety we feel with them.

It’s the same for money! 

Feeling negatively about money makes us energetically repel money. So what can we do?

Here’s a financial emotional intelligence (FEQ) to feel compassion for ourselves:


Journal on the root cause of your negative feelings towards money. Ask yourself what it is that makes you feel anxious, worried, or fearful about money. 


Then positively apply your gained self-awareness right away. I don’t know about you, but I make time to feel compassion for my parents and the child in me who grew up poor and were fed a bunch of lies when it comes to money.


Feeling compassion releases anxiety and helps us build a thriving relationship with money.

On that note …

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