Financial Emotional Intelligence

How to Change One Money Belief



Bonjour! This is Anne from Femme Sauvage, the heart of money matters.

This is video #10, a summary video to show what can happen when we choose to develop our financial emotional intelligence.

Case study:


Let’s take a client I worked with years ago. Let’s call her Tess.

Tess felt anxious every time she received a bill even though she had the money to pay for it.

Because of her constant anxiety, Tess was not readily available to experience anything else.

And she was running a business!


Can you imagine how her anxiety impacted her relationship with her spouse, her kids, her clients?


When a prospect did not accept her business offer, she often went into a bigger tailspin of anxiety.

Tess’ life changed when she asked for help and started taking empowering actions to develop her Financial Emotional Intelligence. She agreed to change one money belief. 

In the past, Tess was convinced that “money is in limited supply.” Through working with me, she now believes that “money is in infinite supply” and forever multiplying!

As a result, Tess is now enjoying tender moments with her spouse and kids. Her anxiety has lessened drastically. She’s smiling a lot more. And her clients keep giving her their repeat business and referrals. 

Imagine what I could do for you.

How to change one money belief:


Tess’ story is the story of many of us. But where Tess might be different is that she got to understand three things: 

#1 A fish can’t describe water. We can’t see it when we’re emotionally invested in it. Blind spots are called blind for a reason.

#2 Self-awareness without empowering action is like dust on the shelves of our mind. It leads nowhere.

#3 No one does it alone. A fish can’t describe water. Blind spots are called blind for a reason. And awareness requires action to turn into wisdom. Ask for help for much faster results.

One advantage of developing our financial emotional intelligence is that we get to remove our blind spots so we can be fully emotionally present with what’s important to us.

Because the heart of money matters!

On that note …

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