Financial Emotional Intelligence

How to Stop Taking Things Personally In Sales





Welcome back! T0day, we’re gonna talk to you about the second area of emotional intelligence: awareness of others. 

Of course! We’re gonna talk about it in the context of financial emotional intelligence. 

Emotionally understanding how others feel about money and why they feel that way.


Let me give you an example. 

You’re a business person. And you put forward a proposal, your offer, to a customer.

As you put forth your proposal, you may have people who respond in a way that is less than the way you want them to. Maybe they have some sticker shock, maybe they think it is too cheap or too expensive, whatever it is. 

Their reaction has nothing to do with you and everything to do with how they feel, what their level of financial emotional intelligence is. 

Can you allow yourself to go into that space with them? To wonder and become curious as to what it is they are feeling? 

How to stop taking things personally:


I get it! You make an offer. But the other person is not snapping at it. And you’re focusing on you.

Focus on them instead. That’s the key in this particular area of financial emotional intelligence.

If you’re focused on you, you can feel hurt. 

But if you’re focused on them, you’ll see it actually has nothing to do with you and everything to do with how they feel about money. 

Focusing on how your customers feel about money and alleviating that pain point for them generates more business and referrals. 

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