Financial Emotional Intelligence

How to Stop Compromising On Your Value




We’re on video 5 in this series! We’re talking about financial emotional intelligence, what it means. Now we’re gonna look at what it means in the context of managing our relationships when it comes to money. 

Here’s my question to you: When you, as a business person, get lowballed on a product or service offer you sincerely made, what do you do?

Do you secretly think the other person is an arse for not seeing the value you offer?

Do you try to convince them to see things your way?

Or do you compassionately leave it at that and walk away, smiling?

I am asking because … Your value is yours to recognize and positively express. 

How to stop compromising on your value:


Your value is yours to recognize and express. What this means, there’s no belittling, no convincing, no arguing, no withdrawing, no pouting.

We either show up or we don’t. 

With that in mind …

Here’s my financial emotional intelligence strategy for you today:


  • Pay attention to where you might be compromising your value. Maybe it’s in the fees you charge your clients. 


  • Once you know where you’re compromising your value, take an empowering action to positively claim that value. Maybe it means charging higher fees for your products and services. 


Most entrepreneurs tend to devalue their offer in order to close more sales. But it sends the wrong signal. Not only to your customers. But most importantly, to you. This is why owning our value is crucial for emotional and financial stability.

On that note … 

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