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A financial emotional leak shows how our emotions affect our relationship with money.

To make this clearer, here’s an analogy:

I had recently bought a townhouse which I really liked. But that changed the day I experienced my first water leak in the basement. Panicking, I opened the phone book and called the first plumbing company I saw. That day, a novice plumber came and fixed the leak. He charged me hundreds of dollars for the repair.

Less than two months later, I experienced my second water leak in the basement. I called the same plumbing company.  A more experienced plumber was dispatched. He told me that my water leak was about one foot away from the previous one. He charged me hundreds of dollars for the repair.

A few months later, I experienced my third water leak in the basement. It was then that I realized I needed a compassionate expert plumber, someone who understood my leaking problem and cared deeply about how to effectively solving my issue.

A compassionate expert is someone who understands our leaking problem and cares deeply about solving our issue.

That compassionate expert plumber asked me lots of questions. He wanted to get a thorough understanding of my water leaking history.

After listening intently, he calmly stated that we needed to break through my sealed basement ceiling because we needed to examine my water pipes configuration.

I looked at him with big, round eyes as he precisely started cutting small holes into the basement ceiling. In each hole, he shined a light.

Before long, we found out that the house builder had run the hot and cold water pipes side by side between two structural beams, which caused the pipes to condensate and crack with the result of water leaking all over my basement. The house builder had done that to save money.

Let me ask you …

Why do we perpetuate a financial emotional leak?

I believe the answer is, because we think a compassionate expert plumber (aka financial emotional intelligence coach) is not worth paying the money for. As a result, we think we can fix our leaks much cheaper on our own. But at what cost?

Clearly, the solution to a financial emotional leak is to call a financial emotional intelligence expert who can compassionately show us how our emotions are affecting our relationship with money and what we can do differently to make our financial emotional leak a thing of the past.

Let’s face it … When you’ve spent years wrapped up in limiting beliefs about money, it can seem impossible to unto the condensation (sweat) and cracking (stress) that comes from feeling the pressure of poor financial decisions (mind’s pipe configuration). With this in mind …

When do things become better?

I believe, things become better when we focus on

  • becoming aware. ‘Where am I experiencing a financial emotional leak?’

  • becoming intentional. ‘What am I willing to do right now to fix my financial emotional leak?’

  • becoming accountable. ‘Who can help me effectively fix my financial emotional leak?’


When I hired an emotional intelligence mentor who understood how to shine a light onto my financial emotional leaks, my life drastically changed. I stopped bleeding money all over the place and I started thriving emotionally and financially simultaneously.

My name is Anne Beaulieu and I am a financial emotional intelligence coach who shines a light onto her clients’ money beliefs so we effectively fix their financial emotional leaks for good. I can be reached at
With compassion,

Photo by kIRK lAI on Unsplash