Aplomb is not an every day vocabulary word, but we all seem to want it in our life, mostly because of what it represents:

  • self-confidence

  • self-assurance

  • self-composure


Since aplomb seems quite necessary for one’s well-being,


Where does aplomb come from?


Centuries ago, masons and carpenters used a string to which they attached a piece of lead in order to erect structures that were perpendicularly straight.


They used lead (which is ‘plomb’ in French) because lead is considered to be a metal that carries a lot of weight.


Therefore, isn’t it what aplomb implies? To be able to carry ourselves with a lot of weight?


Is that is so,

What kind of weight does aplomb require?


The easiest way for me to answer this question is to use the Chinese language as vertical leverage. In Mandarin,


Self-confidence is called 自信心 (zixin xin)


自 (zi) means, self

信 (xin) means, believe

心 (xin) means, heart


Self-confidence is 自信心, the ability to believe in our heart. 



If one believes in their heart, how much trust must we have in our ability to lead ourselves and others?


In Chinese Mandarin,


Self-assurance is called 自我保证 (ziwo baozheng)


自(zi) means, self

我 (wo) means, I (as a person)

保 (bao) means, to protect, to preserve

证 (zheng) means, evidence, proof, testimony


Self-assurance is 自我保证, the ability to protect and

preserve our own testimony to life.


If we preserve our own testimony to life—the proof is in the pudding—how much confidence in our character must we display in order to lead ourselves and others?


In Chinese Mandarin,


Self-composure is called 自我镇定 (ziwo zhending)


自(zi) means self

我 (wo) means, I (as a person)

镇 (zhen) means, true, real

定 (ding) means, for certain



Self-composure is 自我镇定, the ability to remain for certain true to ourselves.


Let’s recap…


To show aplomb, we require:


*self-confidence, the ability to believe in our heart


*self-assurance, the ability to follow our heart


*self-composure, the ability to remain true to our heart




So now you know …


APLOMB is the ability to live and lead from our heart.





My name is Anne Beaulieu and I am the Financial Emotional Intelligence Coach who assists her clients in leading their life with great aplomb. To book a complimentary twenty-minute session, here’s the link: https://walkinginside.com/contact-us or email me at anne@walkinginside.com

In compassion,




Photo by Joel Filipe on Unsplash