Unless we know our wealth threshold, we might keep struggling with money problems.


Let’s start with me asking you the following question: At what point did you decide, “I am done feeling like I have no money!”?


Before you answer … Have you noticed that I used the verb ‘decide’ rather than the word ‘say’?


I did that, because I have noticed  it often seems easier to say “I am done feeling like I have no money!” rather than actually do something concrete about our money problems.


When we say “I am done feeling like I have no money!” and emotionally take rightful action about what it is we are financially fed up with, we shatter the status quo in our relationship with money.


In that place of financial EQ self-empowerment, we then stop the denying, the accusing, the blaming, the shaming, the enabling, etc.


And we realize that we have had the power to create tremendous wealth all along.


When we do something empowering to emotionally solve our money problems, we reclaim  our self-worth. Which then attracts more financial wealth to us.


Reaching the point of “I am done feeling like I have no money!” and doing something about creating wealth requires us to  … Shatter the status quo about money!


For some people, it takes a cancer or a heart attack before they decide to put their financial EQ house in order.


While for others, it takes a burn-out, a tragic car accident, or a divorce before they decide to feel worthy of experiencing great wealth.


I don’t know about you, but many people reach out to me and say, “I am done feeling like I have no money!’


My typical answer is, “Are you sure?”


“YES! I am done!” is often the reply I get.


And then I say something like, “Show me: What do you intend to do emotionally right now to resolve your money problems?”


And this is usually when the “But …” start, the litany of excuses justifying the “past” (read present) status quo.


For me, it took two burn-outs, a failed marriage, and a toxic relationship with myself and many others because I actually decided I was truly done and started burning down every ‘but’ excuse I have ever uttered towards experiencing more wealth emotionally and financially.


With that in mind …


Here are two rock solid applications that usually happen after we decide to create more wealth for ourselves:


  • Hiring a financial EQ coach/mentor. Six years ago, I swallowed the “I have no money” excuse and finally put my money where my mouth is. I believe every “I am done!”moment happens when we decide we are finally worth investing in really knowing ourselves (what we really want and what we really need. Because wants and needs are vastly different).


  • Feelingly challenging the status quo with money NOW. With your financial EQ coach/mentor, you get to understand what you feel about money and why, really zeroing in on what money means to you emotionally. In that place of increased self-awareness, you learn how to multiply money and enjoy it.


Money permeates every area of our lives.


Saying that we want more money without raising our financial EQ keeps us stuck in a feeling of lack. Which then manifests more lack into our life (the universe always conspires to give us what we most strongly feel about).


To positively experience more money, we must treat money like a baby who needs emotional nurturing. We must feel the wealth all around us.


Nurture money so it nurtures you. 


My name is Anne Beaulieu. I am the financial emotional intelligence coach who assists her clients in developing  a fun, loving, compassionate relationship with money. To book a complimentary 20 minute session with me, here’s the link: https://walkinginside.com/contact-us

With compassion,



Photo by Wei Ding on Unsplash