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How to Get Your Value Proposition to Make You Money




Yes! You’re still gonna get your gift, but I’ve got a bonus video for you. Because I want you to know I believe in you.

This bonus video is about bridging the gap between what you offer and what you’re known for. It’s about getting your business value proposition to make you money.

Let’s take Vera Wang, for example.

Vera Wang is a designer who offered pant suits.

But what she was known for was wedding gowns. 

However, she kept spending money on trying to market pant suits. 

Therefore, that gap between what she offered and what she was known for was costing her money, energy, resources, efforts. And it was causing her stress.

Vera wang almost went bankrupt because she kept wasting her money trying to market pant suits. She was facing North when the customers came from the South.

What is your business value proposition?


In other words, what are you offering as a woman entrepreneur?

Is what you are offering also what you’re known for?

Did you know? Andy Warhal was a very famous artist. We all know his art. That’s what he’s known for. But that wasn’t what he offered. He was a fine artist. But he became known for his pop art. Because that’s what people wanted.


How to get your business value proposition to make you money:


Oftentimes, we’re focused on giving people what they think they want versus listening and paying attention to what it is they actually want.

So let me ask you …

  • What do you offer?
  • What are you known for?
  • Is what you offer and what you’re known for the same? Why not? What’s the gap that needs to be bridged?

Because let’s face it …

What you’re known for moves and evolves and your business offer needs to move and evolve with what the customers are telling you they want. That’s how maximization of value and profits occur. 

With that in mind …

I’ve created a specific action plan for products and services that will help you get your business value proposition to make you money. Here’s the link:

On that note…

And to make it even easier for you, here’s the link to the first key. the second key, and the third key you don’t know that’s blocking you from making money as a woman entrepreneur.

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