Emotional Intelligence


Once upon a time, there was a small yellow chicken and a big brown bear who lived within a tree.

The big brown bear loved the small yellow chicken very much! Oftentimes, he held the small yellow chicken between its giant paws so his little friend could take a peek at his fellow humans. The small yellow chicken was the kind of being filled with genuine curiosity.

One day, the small yellow chicken asked the big brown bear why so many humans failed to see them. The big brown bear answered, “Because I think they think they’re too busy to notice the likes of you and me.”

At first surprised by such blindness on the humans’ part, the small yellow chicken then wondered out loud, “Why do you think that is?”

The big brown bear heaved a giant sigh. “Many humans have been taught to think they are separate from us. To them, a tree might just be a tree. If they think that way, how could they ever realize there might be a big brown bear and a small yellow chicken living within a tree?”

The little chicken looked at his friend with great determination. “We must change that!” he affirmed.

How can we help everyone realize that we all exist?

The big brown bear approached the question with great curiosity. After a while, he honestly said, “I don’t know.” Thinking some more, he added, “How can we help someone realize that we all exist when that someone is glued to their cell phone while walking through a park? How can we help someone realize that we all exist when their mind is preoccupied with how to pay the mortgage or whom to date?”

The small yellow chicken’s shoulders slumped forward. He was suddenly feeling increasingly sad. To him, it now seemed like an impossible task to make everyone believe in the “I’m possible, therefore I am”

Feeling crestfallen, the small yellow chicken burst into tears. He so badly wanted humans to see that a small yellow chicken and big brown bear could live within a tree. What could he do?

What is possible with genuine curiosity?

The big brown bear hugged the small yellow chicken and softly said, “We all have free will. This means that everyone must first be willing to look within themselves to see all of us. We both know that a tree is more than a tree … ”

Lost in sadness, the small yellow chicken’s tears formed a giant loving puddle at its feet. He kept pondering, “There must be a way! There’s always a way to foster genuine curiosity!”

After what seemed like a long, long time, he firmly announced, “What if we told our story? What if we showed humans how much they mean to us. Surely, they’ll then notice the likes of you and me?” Bursting into a fit of giggles, he excitedly proposed, “Who can resist a small yellow chicken and big brown bear living within a tree?”

Happy to notice his friend was now feeling better, the big brown bear said encouragingly, “This could work!”

To both their surprise, a middled-aged who was taking pictures of flowers and kissing grown-up trees stopped by. Compassionately looking at both of them, she softly whispered, “Good morning!” Then she took this picture of the big brown bear and the small yellow chicken living within a tree.

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