We validate what we feel about money.


How do we do that? you might ask.


The answer is, we validate what we feel about money by referencing the pool of beliefs and memories we have attached to that specific feeling.


In other words, we validate our feelings by visiting our ghost of past.


Let me give you an example.


When I was a kid and asked for money, my parents usually got angry and said no. Because of that, I often felt undeserving of having my own money as a child.


When I met my future husband and we started living together, I quickly handed my paycheques over to him. Unknowingly, when it came to money, I was listening to my ghost of past that was silently screaming at me that I was undeserving of having my own money.


Now, you might think that I would have had some kind of epiphany and realized that I was deeply deserving of having and enjoying money, but no.


To feel deserving of something, we must reference a pool of memories and beliefs attached to a feeling of deserving. THAT’S HOW IT WORKS.


Since I did not know that, I went through most of my adult life ignoring my crappy beliefs and memories about money. And this is how my ghost of past leaked all over my present for decades. I kept creating a crappy financial reality for myself because I did not yet know how to change my feeling around money. With that in mind ..


Here are some of my past results related to feeling undeserving of having my own money:

  • Taxing divorce. I walked away from my marriage owing hundreds of thousands of dollars. Can you relate?

  • Angry children. My kids had front row seats to the financial bickering going on between my ex and I.

  • Selling a house I could no longer afford. I did foolishly think I was starting over elsewhere, but I brought that same old ghost of financial past with me.

  • Ongoing depression. When I contemplated getting help, I told myself that I could not afford it. As if anyone can afford bunking with depression?

  • Etc.

Things changed when I hired an EQ mentor who understands how we create our reality. Allow me to explain.



  1. Tell me something you believe about money. Hold that thought.

  2. What emotion does that thought trigger in you? Hold that emotion.

  3. That thought + that emotion, what feeling do they generate within you? Hold that feeling.

  4. Because of that feeling, what memory/belief about money came up? That belief/memory will then trigger something else you believe around money …


Without help, going from feeling undeserving to feeling deserving of enjoying loads of money can be a monumental task because it would require you to personally identify every thought you hold around money, witness the feeling is being generated without getting negatively consumed by them, and consciously referencing more positive beliefs and memories. In other words, no matter what you feel about money … making a conscious effort to befriend the ghost of your financial past.


Can you do that? I believe we all can.


But how quickly can you do it? How fast can you achieve the financial results you want? Like I say … we are all smart people. If we knew how to do it on our own, we would have already done it.


Personally, I got tired of feeling underserving and hired an expert to help me. Who is helping you?


I now have room for two new clients. Contact me if you truly intend to befriend your ghost of past. I can be reached at https://walkinginside.com/contact-us

Your financial EQ coach,



Photo by Stefano Pollio on Unsplash