Financial Emotional Intelligence

How to Manage Our Feelings About Money




Welcome back! We’re video 4!

So far we’ve taken a general approach to what emotional intelligence is.

And in the last two videos (video #2 and video #3), we’ve become a lot more specific. Because we’ve talked about emotional intelligence in the context of finances. We looked at self-awareness and awareness of others when it comes to how we feel about money and why we feel that way. 

Now, we’re gonna talk about self-management.

Why we need to manage our feelings about money:  


Let me ask you … Why do you feel the way you do about money?

Because there’s a good chance you feel different about getting it and not getting it.  

I am asking because … Our mind does not give a crap whether we feel good or bad about money. It simply takes our dominant feeling about money and dips it into the pool of beliefs and memories we’ve associated with it. We are constantly emotionally validating our beliefs!

What’s not so funny is that our mind never questions our money beliefs. It blindly takes our feelings about money and validate them, no matter how crappy they may be.

So here’s your financial emotional intelligence strategy for you today:


  • Take a piece of paper. Write down everything you’ve been told about money, such as “money doesn’t grow on trees” or “money is in short supply.” Put every belief in quotation marks to show it’s a belief. 


  • Now, I want you to pick one of those beliefs, let’s say “money is in short supply.”  What would be the financial emotional intelligence version of that? It would be “Money is in infinite supply.” 


  • The next step is to go find evidence of it. Well, that’s easy. According to the fractional reserve banking system, money is forever multiplying. Look it up. It’s fascinating!


On that note … 

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