Financial Emotional Intelligence

How to Generate Positive Feelings About Money



Bonjour! Je m’appelle Anne! This is the video #6 in this series. I am doing my best to give you a ton of value here. Because I want you to uplift your financial emotional intelligence.

What are you getting out of this? I want to make sure you are actually using this. 

In the first five videos, we talked about emotional intelligence, what it is, and we’ve looked at connecting it to your finances. 

Now we’re gonna address each area of emotional intelligence again but we’re going to dive deeper into what it means for you and your money. 

1st area of FEQ: Self-awareness


In the context of Financial EQ (FEQ), self-awareness is about becoming more aware of how you dominantly feel about money and why you feel that way.

For example, many of us say we love it when we receive the money and we don’t like it when we have to pay money. 

So, what’s your dominant feeling about money when there seems to be conflicting feelings at play? It’s easy to find out. It’s the feeling that tends to linger after money has already passed through our hands. That feeling can be fear, anxiety, worry, gratitude, appreciation, etc.

What is the feeling that tends to linger for you after you’ve paid or received money? 


I am asking because … How we feel about money directly dictates how many dollars we get to enjoy.

With that in mind …

Here’s my FEQ tip for you today:


Ask yourself, “What am I feeling right now?” 

You’ve got to get to the feeling. 

Check with yourself several times a day. What are you feeling right now? (pause)

Become aware of all your feelings. Not only when you pay or receive money, but all the time. That way, you get a sense … you’re touching in on your feelings instead of letting them control your life.

Doing this strategy will give you a clearer perspective about money. Because you’ll better understand what money means to you emotionally and why. 

On that note … 

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