Asking a customer

Asking a customer
“What do you want right now?”
is vastly different than discovering what they need.

- Anne

Your customers shop with their long list of wants. But the
salesperson who’s going to close the most sales is the emotionally
intelligent salesperson who understands their customers’ needs.

Everyone likes to think they “rationally” buy,
but as great salespeople, we know
everyone buys based on emotion.

EQ Corporate Sales Training

Customers don’t feel into their wants;
they Feel into their needs.

If you CAN connect your customer’s feeling to your product or service, that’s a sale! That’s why people buy!

The reason why so many salespeople fail to close the sales they wanted was most likely because they tried to overcome their customers’ objections through a rational process (speaking to their wants) instead of speaking to their needs and firing off their emotional desire cycle in the process. Knowing this…. what can you do differently?

For starters, you can book
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Or you can enroll in for my 4 hour EQ sales training program where you will receive the skills, the tools, and the strategies to genuinely bond your customers to you to close more sales and have your customers become advocates for you and your products.

In this training,you will discover:


What truly drives a customer to buy and why.


The specific soft skills needed to develop genuine rapport with your prospects.


What creates trust and loyalty, so your customers give you more business and referrals.

“Anne’s skills as an EQ coach and speaker are of the highest calibre because she is deeply committed to not just giving her clients what they want, but more importantly what they need!”


– Dov Baron
IncMag Top 100 Speaker, Bestselling Author, Top 30 Global Leadership Guru, Exclusive Leadership and Business Coach

“Amazing force.”

– Tracy Drake
Director, Marketing + Public Relations at Fairmont Empress

“Amazing force.”

– Tracy Drake
Director, Marketing + Public Relations at Fairmont Empress
“Her energy, frankness, communication style & skills, and talent as a Coach & Mentor are an asset to all those who have the opportunity to interact with her.”

– Maria Rabiasz
Finance and Business Development Executive
“Anne has a unique approach to helping professionals tap into their best selves. Anne is bold, intentional and uses her remarkable abilities to help strip away the mental clutter that can cloud or distract us from achieving our goals.”

– Doreen Belliveau
Communications & Marketing Professional
Doreen Belliveau

Because ...
The heart of money matters.

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