Financial Emotional Intelligence

Want to know how you truly feel about money?




Bonjour! In the previous video, we talked about what emotional intelligence is. And I briefly went through the four areas.

To reiterate, the four areas of emotional intelligence are: self-awareness, awareness of others, self-management, and relationship management. 

Let’s put emotional intelligence in the context of finances. 

As we talked about, the first area of emotional intelligence is self-awareness. In the context of financial EQ, self-awareness is about becoming aware how we feel about money and why we feel that way.

Want to know how you truly feel about money?


Okay. Let’s do an exercise.

Imagine you’re walking in the desert by yourself. Suddenly, you find a black duffle bag. You open it and find $1,000,000 of unmarked bills in it. And as you look into that bag with $1,000,000 in unmarked bills … What feeling comes up?

Do you feel grateful?

Or do you feel anxious or worried?

Which feeling is it for you? 

I am asking because … How we feel about money directly dictates how many dollars we get to enjoy. 

With that in mind …

Here’s a financial emotional intelligence strategy that zeroes in on your feelings about money:


  • Notice how you feel when you pay your credit card bill. Notice how you feel when you receive a gift certificate. Are these two feelings the same? Why not? 


  • To generate more positive feelings about money … Before money passes through your hands, pause. Then take a deep breath and give yourself permission to feel better about money. That simple gesture will breathe relief into your life. 

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