“How do I close more sales?” If you’ve been in sales
for any amount of time, you know
that people buy from those they know,
like, and trust. Emotional Intelligence coaching
provides you with the skills that not only make
you stand out and be remembered but
also genuinely bond more clients and customers
to you, leading to you closing more
sales. Through coaching with me, you will know
with certainty the answer to the
question “How do I close more sales?”

Anne Beaulieu
Emotional Intelligence Coach, Speaker & Author

Why are people who seem less skilled than you
closing more sales than you are?

Frustrating, isn’t it? I should know. I used to be in that situation until I
discovered Emotional Intelligence! If you’re ready to achieve the results
you know you deserve, Emotional Intelligence Coaching is the key to
accessing the skills already within you that will generate more sales!

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Why Emotional Intelligence will work for you

From constantly chasing potential…

Sales has never been more competitive, and as a salesperson chasing customers and clients to meet quotas and deadlines, it’s easy to feel that if you had that secret tactic, everything would change … That’s a massive illusion!

We think sales is about trying to get the customer to buy, when in truth it’s about discovering and then delivering what people want and desire. When we don’t know this (or forget it) we can end up on a mental hamster wheel, emotionally and physically exhausted. Sound familiar?

When I was in client acquisition and servicing, I was always chasing the next deal.

These were the kind of thoughts running loops inside my head. Maybe you can relate?

‘What if I don’t know what I’m doing?’

There were many other thoughts, and most of them were pretty depressing.

Ultimately, you might find yourself thinking,”What’s wrong with me that I can’t get it right?”. There’s nothing wrong with you! You just need the breakthrough Emotional Intelligence coaching will provide.

To closing more sales…

Is Emotional Intelligence coaching the path for you? Will it make you stand out and be remembered? Is Emotional Intelligence coaching the way to genuinely bond more clients and customers to you, and will it lead to you closing more sales? I’m happy to tell you, the answer to all the above questions is, YES!

Here is why:

As salespeople …

Many of us were taught that sales were mostly about getting others to buy from us. However, what I’ve discovered and now assist others to understand is, Emotional Intelligence coaching helps us ask clients and customers the kind of questions that make them want to buy rather than be sold. After all, everyone hates being sold, but everyone loves buying. You will discover and deliver what they truly want and desire.

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