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Steely Springham

13x winning CBBF National Level Canadian Figure Competitor

“She was nothing shy of powerful! Thought to provoke, she proved to be the “riveting raconteur”, weaving anecdotal humor and pain accented with a joyful smile that was mindful of inclusiveness of us, the audience. Anne is captivating, charismatic, vulnerably bold, and above all, lives her compassion authentically, daily & selflessly. You WANT to see her speak again and again!”

Dov Baron

Inc Magazine Top 100 Leadership Speaker, Bestselling Author, Mentor and Founder of

“I have had the honour of mentoring Anne for three years. As you will see in her writing, Anne’s journey has not been an easy one, but it has been a courageous one. I have had the honour of being her guide as she walked inside her own, often painful story to retrieve the true beauty and gifts she has to offer. Anne is now serving others in a magnificent manner. I have no doubt she has what it takes to make the kind of impact she wishes to make in our world. Anne’s commitment to her journey make her a rare and excellent coach because everyday she is walking her talk.”

Brooke Hulke

Registered Massage Therapist and Owner of Cadence Health Services inc.

“Prior to coaching with Anne I often felt overwhelmed, overworked, and unhappy operating my clinic. I quickly shut down and got my back against the wall when an employee made a suggestion or complaint. I was typically unavailable to talk and even when I was available I was often not present. I had always wanted to own a clinic where everyone had equal say, felt supported and felt empowered in their career. I just had no idea how to foster that environment until I started coaching with Anne. She has taught me how to put my ego aside and lead from the heart.”