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When James* called upon me, he asked that we meet in an open restaurant downtown Vancouver. Asking him why there instead of my office, he laughed and said, ‘Because I need it this way.’ 
On the agreed upon date and time of rendez-vous, James sat down in front of me and immediately placed his hands under the table where I could Not see them. This gesture alone told me a lot about James, how easily he pretended to be emotionally open yet felt the want to hide once in front of me.
Through my talking with him, I found out James was one of nine children from a very large Catholic South American family. He grew up being an altar boy, going to Sunday school, and saying prayers. But something was Not working for him… In his teenage years, he realized he was gay and being gay is apparently something deemed unacceptable in his family and culture.

Have you ever been in a situation where you felt rejected for what you are?

James moved to Vancouver, found a job, and said he met the ‘love of his life’, whom he married a couple of years later. Though saying he is happily married, James had two Facebook accounts, one ‘straight’ and one gay, to ‘spare’ the family as he said. Looking down, he confessed few people (if any) where he came from knew he was even married.

Can you imagine what it feels like to hide things from the people you love? 

In tears, James said he needed to come out of the closet as a gay and this is why he was coming to see me. He felt he could Not do it alone, he said this was too much for him to face alone.

I asked…

In a perfect world, what would your life be like right now?

Jame’s face brightened. He shared how he would only have one Facebook account and one Instagram account. He laughed saying he would show pictures from the ‘crazy’ adventures he and his husband have been on, their food expeditions, their vacations together, even their honeymoon trip…
I asked James if he truly loved his husband. Without hesitation he answered choking up, “Are you kidding me? He is the best thing that has ever happened to me!”
I replied,

When we truly love someone, including ourselves, do we hide who we are?

James burst into tears. He did Not seem to care anymore whether the waiter or other patrons saw him crying; his shoulders were heaving up and down with heavy sobs. Then he took a deep breath, clenched his teeth, and said, “I deserve better! My husband deserves better! I am coming out!” I was impressed by this fiery determination.
That day, he went home with homework to do. Over the next seven days, he had to call every member of his family, his eight siblings and two parents, and tell each one of them he was gay. His framework looked something like ‘I am calling to share something important to me. I am gay. Being gay is a part of me, it is Not all of me. I love you.”

Have you ever had to stand up for what you believe in? How easy was it?

At our next coaching session, James sat down with his journal open. Where he had drawn ten little people with their name on top of each, three of them were still left unmarked by an ‘X’ signifying ‘the job is done’ and they knew he was gay.
I open directly,

What happened to you missing your goal?

James grabbed his journal with both hands. He mumbled how he was Not truly close to the only sibling left on the list as this person had once sexually assaulted him when he was a kid… He also said how many of his siblings were now sending him harassment messages telling him he was ‘wrong’, going to ‘hell, and ‘Don’t tell mom and dad! They’re too old and mom’s depression is too bad!’
Like so many, James was caught once more living a double life, living in the background of his own life while trying to get ‘approval’ from others, especially from members of his family.

Whose approval is most important to you to be happy?

I pointed to the top of the page where all his little people drawings were and I asked him to write down a story title expressing what his goal is. His pen almost pierced the paper as he wrote in capital letters at the top,


Let me ask you…

Why do we become untruthful?

Why do we pursue lies?

I believe the answer is, because we think it will be better.
Is it though? How was James’ constant lying about being gay going to advance his goal of coming out of the closet?
Clearly, denying our truth does Not work.
With this in mind…

How do things become better?


I believe, things become better when we focus on 

  • becoming truthful. ‘What is my truth?’

  • becoming intentional. ‘What can I do right now to uphold my truth?’

  • becoming accountable. ‘What can I do to hold myself accountable so I live my truth?

I could certainly relate to James. When I got married, I did not tell my then husband about the way I grew up, the level of violence. I thought he would ‘love’ me more if I buried what had happened to me as a child. Can you relate? My life changed for the better when I became truthful, intentional, and accountable.

Here are some rock solid tips to assist you who may suffer from ‘007 Double Life  Syndrome’:

Once you have identified what your truth is, whether it is to come of the closet as gay or lesbian, leave an unhappy marriage, change jobs, or …

  • Make a list of who needs to know. When we make the decision to come out with our truth, often, we tend to believe everyone ‘must’ know all at once. Spare yourself feeling overwhelmed, work in stages.

  • Come up with an on point message telling your truth. Keep it short. Keep it sweet. Keep it to the point. Understand there is plenty of time later to go into the ‘Why did this happen?’ if you ever chose to.

  • Have an accountability system/person in place. Though many of us say we ‘know’ what we need to do in order to be happy, many of us end up losing our nerve when the stakes are deemed high.Therefore, having someone on your team who is Not emotionally attached to your situation allows for actions with a greater sense of clarity.

Now imagine somebody has just read these tips…

What do you believe will be their greatest challenge?

Before James came to see me, he had all the best intentions in the world, BUT he lacked a solid accountability system. This is why as soon as he went into ‘What will they think of me?’ he lost his nerve of telling his truth to his family.
My name is Anne Beaulieu and I am an Emotional Intelligence Coach who holds her clients highly accountable so they get to live their truth openly, and like James, get to come out at the top of their story page.
For coaching inquiries, reach out to me at
Your Emotional Intelligence Coach,

acceptance Accountability Assertiveness Authenticity Awareness Blind Spots Commitment Compassion Confidence Conscience Courage Curiosity Dreams Emotional Intelligence Empathy Enabling Equality Faith Forgiveness freedom Friendship Gratefulness Happiness Hope Ignorance Inner Child Inner Peace Instinct Intellect Intent Intentions Intuition Joy Leadership Life Purpose Love Magic Mindfullness Parenting Self Patience Peace procrastination Reality Relationship Satisfaction Self-Confidence Self-empowerment Self-Worth Sensitivity Settling Social Awareness Space Speaking Success Tolerance Trust WalkingInside


I awoke in the middle of the night,
Frightened and scared,
Thinking I was alone.
I looked around the bedroom,
Stillness and shadows greeting me.
What an unfamiliar sight, I thought to myself,
To be alone with one’s thoughts,
To be shyly greeting one’s feelings.
Out of habit,
I called out a name,
Thinking you would come,
But the echo came back empty.
I did not yet understand,
Love is neither a name or a game,
It is a flowing feeling,
Like waves, rising and falling,
Amidst our own waters.
Thinking I knew better,
I turned my bed into a raft,
I paddled day and night,
Still hoping to find you,
Afloat on another raft nearby.
Feeling more lost than ever,
I finally stopped doing this crazy thing,
And started instead to
Listen to the wind
Who has always known my name.
It said,
Dive deep within,
For the one you are looking for,
The Beloved,
Is awaiting.”
I told the Wind,
“I am no Mermaid,
To flag my tale under water.”
And the Wind softly replied,
“Trust and Have Faith,
Within you is always the Way.”
So I took a majestic dive
Perhaps the way Dolphins do?
Feeling my own breathing
Echoing back to me
The beauty of universes within.
I now use my raft as a diving board,
In whatever room I find myself in,
I remember Ocean Waves belong
To the One
Awakened in the middle of the night.
With Deep Gratitude,
Dov Baron, thank you for being the Wind speaking softly to me, I am grateful
Authenticity Compassion Leadership Speaking

Sharing Kindness

This weekend, Annabel Fisher-Speaker and I had the honor and privilege to address once again the recovering female addicts at the John Volken Foundation (home as well to the John Volken Academy & Lift the Children org). When I walked inside, I heard “You’re back! You’re back!” There was so much joy on these women’s smiling faces as I hugged them tight. “Where’s Annie?” I laughed. I loved their eagerness and openness.
That night, I shared my past addiction to being a nice girl. Deeply afraid of my father as a child, I learned very early on to say yes even when my heart said no. I have carried this people pleaser addiction my whole life until I realized at ASAL a nice girl is not feeling (threw me in a deep sorrow). How can I be feeling if I am focused outside of me? I now deeply know feeling is an internal story with self. I spoke with passion and conviction. I shared how assertiveness to me is now the iron hand (firmness) in the velvet glove (kindness).

That night, I had the privilege of seeing Annie conduct an EFT workshop. I was blown away. This professional with decades of experience compassionately and expertly led these women to reveal some of their most heart-wrenching traumas and regrets. Her focus was sharp. Her voice was deep with understanding. When she asked for the next volunteer, hands kept flying up saying ‘Me! Me! Me!…’ These women were beautiful and inspiring in their vulnerability and desire to heal themselves.
Unknown to Annie and me, John Volken’s life partner was in the audience. We spoke a long time together after the presentations/workshops were over. She has heard many students ask us ‘When are you back next?’ Her eyes were red. She shared how she had rarely seen women speak with such passion. She shared how she ran her own story in her head while we shared ours on stage.
Before leaving, one woman asked Annie to perform EFT with her. It was the same woman who had collapsed in my arms last time. That night, she sobbed deeply in Annie’s arms. On my way out, a young woman told me I was her idol. I stopped and gently asked her: ‘Do you see me in you? ‘Do you see you in me?’ She nodded both times. I smiled deeply into her eyes. ‘Then I will hold it for you until the day you become your own idol.’ A light flickered in her eyes. We hugged. She said: ‘I was told I was ugly so many times growing up… but… I’m beautiful!”
This is why I do what I do. Dov Baron, none of this would have been possible without you holding this greater vision for me and so many others. From my heart to yours, thank you ever so kindly.
Authenticity Leadership Speaking

Walking Inside Hearing My Own Melody

I have made this 3:30 minutes video to share some things about me and my journey. This video touches on leadership, authenticity, and speaking. Enjoy!
Here is the link: