Financial Emotional Intelligence

Stop Making Money Evil In Your Relationships!



We all love to say we are empathetic. We all love to say we feel for others. 

But when it comes to money, oftentimes, we get triggered before we might choose to deliberately understand how others feel about money and why they feel that way. 

Let me give you an example of what I mean:

Tess walks in a coffee shop and orders a cup of Kopi Luwak coffee.

Standing in line behind her, you’re intrigued; you’ve never heard about that brand before.

You think of perhaps buying yourself a cup too.

When the barista hands over the coffee to Tess, she tells her, “It’s gonna be $100.”

Smiling, Tess takes out her wallet and hands over 5 $20 bills. 

When you heard that specific cup of coffee costs $100, what emotion came up for you? 

And as you kept thinking about the cost of that cup of coffee with that emotion attached to it, you generated a feeling. What was it?

I am asking because … While doing this exercise, did you at any moment choose to deliberately understand what emotionally drove Tess to gladly pay $100 to experience that cup of coffee? 

Being empathetic in our relationships:


As I said at the beginning of this video, we all love to say we are empathetic. We all love to say we feel for others. But to what extent are we empathetic when we’re feeling triggered?


So, here’s my financial emotional intelligence strategy for you today:


  • Genuinely ask your loved one how they feel about money and why they feel that way. For example, if they have to pay rent this month, ask them how they feel about paying rent this month. Ask them what it is about paying rent that makes them feel that way. Suspend judgment. 


  • Being able to relate to another when it comes to their relationship with money speaks volumes about our own relationship with money. 


On that note …

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