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Artificially maintained refers to more than someone hooked on hospital machines for survival. It is the very nature of addictions.


When you think of being artificially maintained, what comes to your mind?


Let me share with you this story.

I’d like you to meet John. When I first met him, he was sitting cross-legged on a piece of cardboard in front of a coffee shop.

This man, who was about thirty years old, wore a black beanie that matched a North Fleece winter jacket. His beard was well trimmed and there were no open sores on his body.

In front of him, he had placed an empty cup for money donations.  There was also a well-written card board that read, ‘Don’t drink, smoke, or take drugs. Anything helps.’

I had a $5 bill in my pocket.

I was burning to ask him one question.

Regardless of his answer, I had already decided to give him the money anyway.

I asked him, “Why?”

Have you ever asked yourself, Why?

He looked at me with the most beautiful blue eyes I have ever seen; they looked like sea water, deep, sunny and cloudy, trapped perhaps into their own colour. In them, I also saw honesty, fragility, and strength.

“Why am I doing this?” he replied. “Because I want things. I need money to buy the things I want.”

Then he started telling me about his $375 rent cost, food, and the money he is getting for his disability.

“May I know what your disability is?” I asked.

Again … those eyes …  seemingly hurt and hopeful at the same time.

“I am bipolar,” was his answer.

“How do you know for certain?” I asked.

How do we know anything for certain?

He answered, “I was diagnosed 1.5 years ago. In Nanaimo. I went to see this nurse … over and over. I felt not right. After seeing me a few times, she and the doctor diagnosed me.”

I asked him if he had ever considered asking for a second opinion. The answer was no.

“Why not?” I wondered. John seemed startled, like caught between two monotonous thoughts.

Why not?

“Are you medicated?’ I asked.

“Yes. I am artificially maintained. I have no high no low … kept at the middle. It’s strange to not go up and down anymore.”

His words kept resonating inside my mind …

Artificially maintained.

What does that mean?


Here’s some of the things I have discovered about artificially maintained. Maybe you can relate?


  • I was a workaholic who artificially maintained herself by working 18 hours a day.


  • Because I was unhappy, I behaved like a victim who artificially maintained herself by blaming the people around her for her lack of happiness.


  • Wanting to please, I was  an emotional doormat who artificially maintained herself with the fleeting attention of others.


  • And, but not the least, I was a deeply angry person who artificially maintained herself by ignoring all her feelings and emotions, preferring to be numb rather than face my pain.

No wonder I liked him. I could relate to him on so many levels.

Let me ask you …

Where you in your life might you be artificially maintaining yourself?

Maybe it’s an addiction to pain killers, video games, or porn? Or you have an addiction to feeling like a victim, a hero, or a martyr? What is it?

John had the courage to seek help for his condition. What are you doing right now to get help with your potential addictions? No one does it alone!

As for me, I see my mentor weekly, 90 minutes. I have been seeing him for five years and have just hired him for a two year-contract. I never want to be artificially maintained again. What about you?

My name is Anne Beaulieu and I am an Emotional Intelligence coach who assists her clients in overcoming their artificially maintained programming in their head, aka their conditioning. Connect with me at
Your EQ coach,

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