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Money does not change who you are;
it accentuates how you secretly feel about you.

The only thing standing between you
and your money are your feelings.
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What’s your money story?

We all have a money story and we get to write it with our feeling pen. I am here to show you how to fuel the lifestyle you crave. 
I get it!

I am an internationally accredited Emotional Intelligence Coach AND a Finance Economist AND a Chartered Financial Analyst.

Besides being a best selling author of 29 books, my work has been featured in Forbes, Medium, Kawasaki, and many more notable sites.

Most importantly … I know what it feels like to cry into a pillow in the middle of the night because you don’t know where the money’s going to come from.

Like me back then, you may not have yet realized, your feelings are fueling every money decision you make.


Here’s how to speak to your meaning of money
Anne is a rare coach because she does not ask “you” (the client) to do what she is not willing to do. Her dedication and commitment to continue her own growth means that she keeps raising the game for her clients. Anne’s skills as an EQ coach and speaker are of the highest calibre because she is deeply committed to not just giving her clients what they want, but more importantly what they need!

Dov Baron

IncMag Top100 Speaker, Bestselling Author, #1 Fortune500 Podcast, Personal Success and Business Coach

We selected Anne to speak as we required a bilingual presenter who could speak about sales. It’s a bit unusual to have a Financial Emotional Intelligence Coach speaking amongst Powersports dealers, but we took the chance. Anne presented her subjects well and with proficiency.

Alan Blinoff

National Sales and Marketing Manager KAWASAKI

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